Demeter: it’s a sailor’s life for me

We are back from Demeter, a horror larp in the Baltic Sea on an actual sailing ship! Jan and me played salty sea dogs, hoisted sails, drank copious amounts of hard liquor and sang many, many sea shanties before we died horribly gruesome deaths.

It was amazing! Highly recommended, would definitely sail and die again.

2017-10-19 17.08.12

Ship’s Merchant Harding and Able Seaman Vane. Salty sea dogs!

I always decompress from LARPs by vomiting words all over the screen until the experience is written out of my mind. Needless to say that there are sizable spoilers here. If you are thinking about playing Demeter, you’ll probably have more fun if you don’t read this!

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Holy Fox

Juhanna ran his game Holy Fox for Jan, Elina, Marie and me. It’s a game about shapeshifting foxes taking revenge on fox hunters through guile, cunning and moxie.

Because our game had us infiltrate a high-society fundraiser mansion, it felt a lot like a heist game. Socially, the foxes are quite overpowered which helped the heist run fluenty. But there were a few obstacles in the way: a hidden enemy, and the discovery that physically the foxes are far less formidable.

Our high social skills mostly kept Heist Intertia – when you never get to the heist because you keep on planning for it endlessly – at bay. But when quite a lot of new characters were introduced all at once, we did succumb to it for a while.

All in all, a very fun game! Probably the best heist game I’ve played so far. I also quite liked the opening scene to get us in to the mood: very indicative of the revenge genre, and also just a really good setup.

Ex Nihilo

We ran a thing! We were so impressed with Ex Nihilo when we played it at Consequences last year that we wanted to run it ourselves for our home team. It ran very well, again!

Ex Nihilo is a game about AI’s and the scientists who made them. This particular day the AI’s are meeting each other and learning about emotions. It’s pretty damn awesome.

Our previous game had turned out very huggy and had a happy ending, but there is also much room for conflict, so we wondered which way it would swing.

Spoilers ahead!

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Kessel Run VII

The Nappy Napper

A string of kidnappings has led the FBI high up North in pursuit of a serial kidnapper whom the press has dubbed ‘The Nappy Napper’, because his victims are all under one year of age. It will fall on the players to discover the perpetrator’s identity and save the children…

Dead Man’s Hand

Our upper-class British family is enjoying some nice peace and calm, after having saved Queen and Country on their last adventures. But it seems the Haverings are again denied their rest. This time they might have to fight for more than their way of life…

The Stuff of Legends

To redeem yourself you only had to do one thing, guard the boy. You failed and he has been taken by the dark. Follow him into the dreamscape and face his and your own nightmares.

Devastation: Mafeking

2017-01-21 13.10.00Unwilling to abandon the accumulated food and ammunition stocks at Mafeking, on the 13th of October 1899 Colonel Baden-Powell and his regiments are surrounded and besieged. It is up to the Colonel and his staff (and their wives!) to keep up the troops’ morale and hold out until relief!

Beneath the Mask (a game of Dread)

It was supposed to be a relaxing weekend at your friend’s cabin. Then the power went out, and some psycho in a hockey mask attacked. Now two people are dead, and your host is a gibbering wreck. Can you make it through to morning?

Dread is a game of horror and hope. Those who play will participate in a mutual telling of an original macabre tale. The goal of Dread is to sustain the delicate atmosphere that invokes the hand quivering emotion that lends its name to the game. The thrill of a Dread game lies within the tension between desire and loss. You will take on the role of someone trapped in a story that is only as compelling as it is hostile—someone who will find themselves making decisions we hope never to face in real life.


It is the horror roleplaying game that uses Jenga® instead of dice. Pull from the tower and you succeed. Refuse to pull and you fail. The choice is yours. But if the tower falls . . .

An Amaranthine Desire

January 25, 1895. It’s approaching two in the morning. You are all part of a smuggling operation, transporting a shipment of tobacco from Holland to be brought ashore near the small coastal town of Dunwich in Suffolk. Captain Louis Gerd oversees his crew and hired hands, all waiting to ferry the goods from his steamer, the Wave Rider, to shore where a group of locals and a bribed customs official are waiting. A breeze is building, heralding a possible storm. The mood amongst the crew is tense as the sea grows restless. Finally, the lamps to guide the ship to shore are lit on the cliff top.

Oblivion’s Idol

When a lost idol of Naga Sadow is unearthed in the Tatooine desert, a team of Republic archaeologists is keen to be the first to claim the find. But is everyone on the team who they say they are…?

This is an intense character-focused scenario set in the Old Republic era of Star Wars. Expect characters with very detailed backgrounds, relationships with each other and conflicting goals. Gameplay is very heavy on inter-party roleplaying (ie bickering with each other), concealing and revealing secrets, plotting and backstabbing. There will be little dice-rolling (if any). Rules system is extremely simple homebrew, designed to put the focus onto the actual roleplaying.


This is a game about the Faccenda family, who moved here from the Old Country two generations ago. Together we will create the family and its members in a workshop. In Act 1 the members of the family will cook the marinara sauce together. In Act 2 we will have a family meal sat around the dinner table.

2017-01-21 13.38.53

It is a slow paced game about low level emotions, the feeling of belonging, family, traditions, nostalgia for the old and anticipation of the new. There is no Cthulhu, supernatural, secret agents or combat. This is a LARP, so the players will actually cook and eat the food. No previous cooking experience is required

Kessel Run+: Rogue Trader: That Which Does not Die (Fate System)

Due to popular demand, some threats and a frankly disappointing lack of bribery, Bavo will once more run Rogue Trader, a game about those with the power, the will, the magnificence to go out beyond the light of the Emperor and bring both the people and planets out there back to the Emperor…And lining their own pockets in the profits. If you like outer space, grim-dark settings, outfits that would make the Napoleonic army blush and are capable of balling on an interplanetary level…


In the category ‘Strangest what, I don’t even?!’ you’ve ever played, I present to you: Singularity, a Transhuman Dating Show. It’s the dating show that does not discriminate. Our contestants were:

  • The Computer that Monitors Everything
  • A Dead Planet
  • A Sentient MMO, and
  • Glitch, The Last Flickering Image of a Broken Webcam

We were all afraid to play this. We had no faith it was going to work, and we all expected it to go gonzo about five minutes in. But we stuck with it and halfway through we got the hang of it. All of our crazy characters had real life issues. The Dead Planet was left by their last race, so they had some abandonment issues. The Sentient MMO was into free love, Glitch was a major wallflower and The Computer that Monitors Everything a creepy stalker. Eventually it became easier to layer that in along with all the weirdness and everything fell in place.

We were all exhausted by the end of it. This was a hard play!


Masks is possibly my favorite flavor of Apocalypse World and I do not say this lightly. Masks combines teen superhero action with a lot of drama about identity, growing up into the image of yourself, and becoming a teen.

I wanted to have the lamest superhero imaginable, so I went with a Beacon Martial Artist who had no superpowers and a sensei called Dave who works at a 7-eleven. Her superhero name is Katana – the lamest name I could think of, but as it turns out there’s an actual superhero with that name. No relation!

This turned into a long ass series and loved every bit of it. Katana went a little dark in the middle, breaking up relationships and killing a person, but we all rallied around the team in the end. Could there be more to come?

Rich is the best at GM’ing Masks. He has the best balance between action and drama. Such delicious drama!