Masks is possibly my favorite flavor of Apocalypse World and I do not say this lightly. Masks combines teen superhero action with a lot of drama about identity, growing up into the image of yourself, and becoming a teen.

I wanted to have the lamest superhero imaginable, so I went with a Beacon Martial Artist who had no superpowers and a sensei called Dave who works at a 7-eleven. Her superhero name is Katana – the lamest name I could think of, but as it turns out there’s an actual superhero with that name. No relation!

This turned into a long ass series and loved every bit of it. Katana went a little dark in the middle, breaking up relationships and killing a person, but we all rallied around the team in the end. Could there be more to come?

Rich is the best at GM’ing Masks. He has the best balance between action and drama. Such delicious drama!


Kessel Run VI

Kessel Run VI was the first one we ran as a Facebook Event, which helped to create publicity for the event, but it wasn’t always easy to explain that clicking “attend” wasn’t enough to get you booked into the con. We had taken over half a year break between cons, so this edition was hype af. We had one new overseas guest and five new players. Not bad!

Kris ran Devastation: Moldova.

Strange events happening in Moldova lead AEGIS (the Ameri-Euro Global Investigation of the Supernatural) to send their top field agents to investigate …


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Dark Heresy

Jan ran a mini-campaign of Dark Heresy over the summer for Tim, who loves 40K, and the rest of us, who didn’t know a thing about it.

Warhammer 101! We had a psyker, a God Emperor fanatic, an investigator torture type lady and a booky nerd who really liked red tape. That last one was me. My homeworld was Desoleum, which is one of the coolest places in roleplay-land. I love the oathcog system.


We followed a story that lead us deep into the Askelion sector and included plenty of showcasing what our characters were good at. There was pleny of psyking, torturing and preaching the gospel. It was really fun to see my decidedly non-aggressive and nerdy skills of bureaucracy be actually useful.

Legend of the Elements

We played Legend of the Elements, the Apocalypse World version of Legend of the Airbender. It’s a cute and silly game of adventure and whimsy, and with many, many sticky bun jokes.

  • Jan is the arrogant Earth Shaper Goro
  • Alex is young Air Shaper Ko
  • I am her farmer / servant Megumi (Ko once saved her farm from a Buffacow stampede). I HATE Goro and all his sexy muscles and his cool hair and his FACE.
  • Umiko is Ko’s Water Shaper friend who has vowed to help Goro find his true love.

We had a fun time with the basic Festival scenario and our story ran away from there. Rich is usually a smashing GM, but he really knocked it out of the park on this game!

I had a great time with my farmer. Who really wants to be a stuffy airshaper?

Urban Shadows

I ran a small mini-campaign of Urban Shadows, one of my favorite gaming systems in the world. It’s not an easy system to run, but it creates a very rich world. We had one setting creation session, and three game sessions. Our setting creation ended with this beautiful index card spread. I think I asked everyone to name someone they trusted, a group that they had conflict with, and something they need.

We ended up with:

  • Mama Wong, a Dragon who ran a wonton shop. Occasionally her wontons would give you a dream of your true destiny
  • Garcia, a veteran who got out of the game when vampires killed his father
  • Tim the Tainted, who had sold his soul to become an advertising genius
  • Derek / Liza, a 1940s Spectre who died under mysterious circumstances


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Consequences 2015

Jules-pietaI had a great and mellow time at Consequences!

I can confess now that I had a secret objective for this convention. Every year I ruin my non-smoker status at the con by smoking a pack or two in four days. It’s a little insane. This time I was determined (well, fairly determined) not to smoke. My tactic was to stay inside at all times and cover myself in people. It worked! I remained smoke free and scandalously comfortable. The downside was that I didn’t get to have a lot of porch conversations to catch up with people.

But I did get to play a ton of good games, so let’s get into those, shall we?

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Kessel Run V

Kessel Run V! We started getting the hang of these now, though organising three Kessel Runs in one year was a bit much. We noticed attention and excitement dropping in both ourselves and guests at Kessel Run V. That’s why we took a big break between this one and the next. Apparently I didn’t even bother taking a lot of pictures or notes.

Jan ran Victoriana with Nimrod Jones’ famous group of characters. I think I once again played the middle-class plucky investigator character and she was as fun as ever. Sven had a great time as my hoity-toity husband, insisting on changing clothes whenever we went to do something.



Bart Verdeyen ran Dragon Age, in what I gather was a fairly grimdark version.

Sven ran a prequel one off to our regular campaign of horror-scifi campaign of Obdisian. Their group went on a mission and their decisions and actions were pretty influential on the campaign sessions that followed.

Ken ran TOONS: The looney tunes roleplaying game, which I’m told did have some good drama amidst the silliness. Mostly this group was just incredibly loud :-)

Kris ran Faerie Knight, a tale of chivalry and knightly honor (I think!)

I ran Friendship is Magic, a My Little Pony game! I used Lowell Francis Action Card system to run it. It’s a great system, but rather intensive to prep for one-off game. Fortunately Kristina was hyped enough to help me with the decks and the character sheets and everything looked great!

The game ran well, but sadly I had not specced Twilight Sparkle properly and she became an overpowered monster (which is true to the fiction, but not ideal).



Debrief: The Positive Feedback round


I used the Positive Feedback round as a debrief for the last freeform I ran, and people liked it a lot. The purpose of the exercise is “both to improve your gaming skills, build a culture of communication and trust, and learn how to give and receive feedback”. I love that the player who is currently receiving positive feedback is not allowed to reply or comment. Just sit there and take your compliments!

It’s awkward and a little scary, but the exercises leaves happy players and for a tough game, that’s a great bonus. Highly recommended!

Shia Lebeouf Dread @ Kessel Run


2015-07-18 21.54.14

After putting people through a rather heavy freeform game, I ran them a game of Dread featuring Actual Cannibal Shia Lebeouf – one big, enjoyable injoke game based on that viral video we all love.

The questionnaire included questions like “What disturbing message has Shia Lebeouf left you on Social Media?” and “Why did you study Jiu-jitsu?” and so had people sniggering and gleeful from the get-go. All except poor Linus who hadn’t seen the famous video.

Survival horror is not my genre and neither detailed gore or subtle tension are really my strong suits, but Dread really does all the heavy lifting for you. The simple act of pulling blocks from a Jenga tower for task resolution causes stress that becomes intwined with your simple horror story. It’s pure genius.

Looking forward to playing Dread as a filler again!

Damned Love @ Kessel Run


I ran Jay Treat’s Damned Love on my house convention for three brave adventurers.

Our Lover was a singer for a local band that was just starting to make it big. Our Witch a dabbling Wiccan whose spells had never really worked. Our demon was a very lawyer-like demon who was all about the deal, possessed other people and who could never lie. Our motif was music and song lyrics.

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