The Giovanni Chronicles

Book I: The Last Supper

The third session of our Vampire drama had us arrive at a very cool Abbey of vampire monks who believe vampirism is the next stage of human evolution and their way unto goodhood. Pretty interesting, but unfortunately the group is between them and two camps of vamps who want to destroy each other, and they don’t really want to get in the way of all that. There were some interesting takes on christianity and vampirism that were pretty shocking! Interesting stuff.

I also had a very evocative in-character mailplay with the GM detailing my character’s first feeding. We made it very dramatic and filled with moody melancholic internal dialogue. I quite like the tone of Vampire!


The big confrontation happened: A fledgling Camarilla clashed with the necromantic Giovanni and our poor characters were stuck in the middle. The scene before that we were still learning how to feed!

We didn’t manage to save Japhet, but we did save his immortal soul (Vampires have souls?). There was some confusion about staking – a lot of vampires got staked but apparently that didn’t mean they explode into dust Buffy-style, but just that they’re paralysed.

In the aftermath, we were all allowed to live and adopted into the Camarilla. Our next session will pick up 200 years later, but we’ll fill the gap with plenty of mailplays before that. Wahoo!


We finished the first book of the Giovanni Chronicles, and the next book takes place 200 years later! How do we fill the gap from newly-created babyvamps to enterprising ancilla?

With one-on-one’s, of course! We got to decide ourselves what our characters did in those centuries and then played out the important bits with the GM.

Conlaen and me had great fun browsing through two centuries of history to see which facts and events we could tie into our own story. Perhaps your vamp is inconvenienced by the sack of that city, or perhaps he caused it? We’re history lovers not buffs, so we don’t really worry about the details.

My character was mostly interested in science so she met Paracelsus and Vesalius on her way, studied at the university of Padua, and ended up studying in our very own Leuven, Belgium. (I gather Conlaen went for more political history instead).

Our GM Pluizebol took the story we’d written, gave it some nudges and filled in the blanks so we could still be taken by surprise or feel paranoid and threatened in the one-off.

Book II: Blood and Fire

We started on Book II of the Giovanni Chronicles, taking place in 1666 and starting in Rome. We got roped into Elder business once again, looking for a thief who is assembling information on an Ascension ritual. Two of us got tricked into drinking Tremere blood (gah!) and then we started our investigation which took us past a printing press, ceramic shops, the Jewish quarter (where someone was building a Golem), a whorehouse, the streets and everyone’s favorite ghoul.

Now we are heading to Basel!


We played Part II of Blood & Fire last night. The short chapter took us a bit too long because we were all terrified of the werewolf-infested forest around Basel we were supposed to travel through, and equally terrified of talking to the werewolves in town who we might negotiate with. “They’re totally unreasonable, they’ll kill us where we stand!”. In the end, we took our chances in the forest and it turned out vampires were patrolling the roads anyway, and it was pretty safe! Doh.

We also saved one woman from being burned alive as a witch, but we couldn’t save the other one. Our Vampire powers aren’t very overpowered yet, so saving two women from a faithful priest with a mob watching is an almost-impossible challenge.

Now we’re in a convent filled with Sabbat vampires, and we’re free to chat to whoever we like. Not sure my character has a lot of things to say to the Sabbat… They’re all massmurdering f***heads!


Our group has arrived at “The Black Monestary”, filled with Sabbat kindred who are trying to invent new paths to “keep the beast at bay”, as alternatives to the Path of Humanity. A lot of philosophical discussion was had. My character is firmly on the humanity path, so there was not a lot of temptation for her, except for scientific interest and handsome men. She definitely didn’t get almost eaten by werewolves!


And for our third roleplay session this week (we honestly have too many games at the moment) we also played another Vampire session by Pluizebol.

A demonologist was found and put on trial. Our target fled the scene during the commotion and after we found out who’d been hiding him we went in persuit. Off to Lodon we go! Except that we’re bad at persuit and made stops in the Haven’s of 2 of our vampiric group.

In our crossing of the Channel, we were attacked by pirates, who we defeated. Then crossing the English countryside our host is pulled out of the carriage during daylight. We finally arrived in London where we had to explain to the Prince what had happened with the Archon.

Next session tonight, surely nothing bad will happen in London in 1666….

I enjoyed the part where we were in France but none of us could speak French. We kept running into people gibbering in lightning fast French at us, and we had to try to make do. Our GM is a native French speaker so it was certainly convincing. And funny. She says the scenarios are very American in the sense that they never seem to think about the fact that their story takes place in so many different countries, and that all of them have different languages.




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