The Gates of Anubis / Obsidian

A Kult campaign (2013 – )

Timmy goes to inferno


He’s done it! Following the kidnapping of his fiancé, our adoptive son Tim had become head of R&D for Thermodynamics. We thought he was developing weapons to fight against demons, but apparently he was researching how to make a portal to Inferno to get May back.

Ah kids, they never do what you want them to do!

We got stuck the time loop around him, and now it’s 2011. Everything indicates Tim doomed the world by opening the portal, since it weakened the membrane between Earth and Inferno. The prophecy says the the world will end in one year. We start preparing for the Holy War.


We go to inferno


A dramatic session in our on-going efforts to thwart the Apocalypse prophesied to be kicked off by our adoptive son Timmy.

Well, it’s really already happening, since Tim opened a portal to inferno to save his kidnapped beloved, and destroyed the fabric of reality in the process. It seemed the Illuminati gave him enough info to do the unthinkable.

This session we tracked him down in the 8th circle, where we found him as a demon, building a massive portal that would allow Terrasque size creatures to overrun earth. He attacked us! A “This is hurting me a lot more than it’s hurting you” fight exploded that nearly killed us. At least we took out the portal as well.

We managed to make contact with the Timmy in the demon, though, and he conveyed regret and the hope for redemption. Oh, and a vision of hundred of those massive portals all over Inferno.


We started our Obsidian Campaign this weekend!

We start working for Engelmann industries. Secretly, we are hired to find a spy hidden in the company. I’m playing a corporate executive, motivated to crawl up that corporate ladder like its nobody’s business, but we also have a doctor, a techy person and hacker, and two street samurai – one with an assassin’s licence and one more of a PI.

After a cross-branch investigation – me mostly hobnobbing and working my contacts in the squash club – we find out the spy is my boss in HR! I hope to take her place but the company decides to keep her on now that we know about her. The five of us get our own division: contra-spionage, and I’m leading it. Time to buy a new suit!


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