Legacy: Through The Ages

We had a very nice first all-day session of our 4-times-a-year campaign called Legacy. This first chapter takes place in Uruk, Mesapotamia around 2500 BC. Other chapters will take us forward through different periods of time.

I had a great time with my airhead sacred prostitute priestess who spoke in a very girlish voice stolen from Monique from De Allerslechtste Chauffeur van Nederland and started off each morning by singing the hair brushing song (100 strokes doesn’t work when you can’t count so well). Thankfully she was at least a good priestess, and thus useful when it turned out demons were around and in the village!


Our second Mesopotamia session in our Through the ages game. In which our group got manipulated by Gilgamesh and Enkidu themselves in order to convince the council of immortals *cough* vampires *cough* to strike against another of their kind. Predictably with an “everything was manipulated” plot, almost all of the agency was in the hands of NPCs, but there were some nice parts too.

Now we will also jump a few hundred years into the future to play our next chapter amonst the twelve tribes of Israel. In the meantime, each character gets to indicate how they would like to develop our fledgling covenant against vampires. ‘Building/working on something permanent’ is an oft-demanded campaign feature in our group, so I expect this will go down well!


We had another session our 3 monthly campaign. The game had skipped ahead in time by a few hundred years and we were in ancient Egypt. We were all members of a secret society that had been founded by our previous characters, a trade house cover that is secretly focussed on defending humanity from evil immortals.

We were in Itjtawy, where a few members of our organisation had been murdered and we investigated. We then had to go to where the Black Pyramid was being built, to investigate a disappearance. We soon found that there was a lot of cultists of Seth, many who had litterally given their hearts to him. A strange man in the desert who’d been handing us gifts turned out to be Seth himself, who was not too happy that his cultists were getting close to a great victory in releasing the Great Serpent that would eat the sun. He offered assistance for us to do a counter ritual but we deceided to try to fix it without the aid of the dark god.

Three members of the group succeeded in completing the ritual, giving their lives in the process. Two others (including my character) could go back to report what had happened and will go on to influence the future of the secret society.

Both had been bitten by Seth’s snakes however, and my character had also accepted a gift from him in the form of a big gem. Will their corruption influence the organisation in any way? We’ll find out in 3 months!

I had the dubious honor of playing the overseer for the clay blocks at the pyramid. The head architect had a nasty habit of making my character in charge of whatever was going wrong in the first place. So by the end she was responsible for stone construction, religious decorations *and* the interior. I ended up with a very over the top overworked lady, who was happy to go down with her pyramid in the end.



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