Juhanna ran his game Holy Fox for Jan, Elina, Marie and me. It’s a game about shapeshifting foxes taking revenge on fox hunters through guile, cunning and moxie.

Because our game had us infiltrate a high-society fundraiser mansion, it felt a lot like a heist game. Socially, the foxes are quite overpowered which helped the heist run fluenty. But there were a few obstacles in the way: a hidden enemy, and the discovery that physically the foxes are far less formidable.

Our high social skills mostly kept Heist Intertia – when you never get to the heist because you keep on planning for it endlessly – at bay. But when quite a lot of new characters were introduced all at once, we did succumb to it for a while.

All in all, a very fun game! Probably the best heist game I’ve played so far. I also quite liked the opening scene to get us in to the mood: very indicative of the revenge genre, and also just a really good setup.