In the category ‘Strangest what, I don’t even?!’ you’ve ever played, I present to you: Singularity, a Transhuman Dating Show. It’s the dating show that does not discriminate. Our contestants were:

  • The Computer that Monitors Everything
  • A Dead Planet
  • A Sentient MMO, and
  • Glitch, The Last Flickering Image of a Broken Webcam

We were all afraid to play this. We had no faith it was going to work, and we all expected it to go gonzo about five minutes in. But we stuck with it and halfway through we got the hang of it. All of our crazy characters had real life issues. The Dead Planet was left by their last race, so they had some abandonment issues. The Sentient MMO was into free love, Glitch was a major wallflower and The Computer that Monitors Everything a creepy stalker. Eventually it became easier to layer that in along with all the weirdness and everything fell in place.

We were all exhausted by the end of it. This was a hard play!