Masks is possibly my favorite flavor of Apocalypse World and I do not say this lightly. Masks combines teen superhero action with a lot of drama about identity, growing up into the image of yourself, and becoming a teen.

I wanted to have the lamest superhero imaginable, so I went with a Beacon Martial Artist who had no superpowers and a sensei called Dave who works at a 7-eleven. Her superhero name is Katana – the lamest name I could think of, but as it turns out there’s an actual superhero with that name. No relation!

This turned into a long ass series and loved every bit of it. Katana went a little dark in the middle, breaking up relationships and killing a person, but we all rallied around the team in the end. Could there be more to come?

Rich is the best at GM’ing Masks. He has the best balance between action and drama. Such delicious drama!