Kessel Run VI was the first one we ran as a Facebook Event, which helped to create publicity for the event, but it wasn’t always easy to explain that clicking “attend” wasn’t enough to get you booked into the con. We had taken over half a year break between cons, so this edition was hype af. We had one new overseas guest and five new players. Not bad!

Kris ran Devastation: Moldova.

Strange events happening in Moldova lead AEGIS (the Ameri-Euro Global Investigation of the Supernatural) to send their top field agents to investigate …


Bart Verdeyen ran Warhammer Fantasy: There’s Something About Marie.

Life is good on the River Reik. As our adventurers make their way down the river on a barge, the woodlands and small villages of the Empire slowly slide by. The sun is out and the company is pleasant. What, by Sigmar, could possibly go wrong?!

Elina ran Lamp Posts in Bloom (Hot War), written by Scott Dorward. Uses the Hot War rules but not the setting.

  • A warm summer evening in middle England
  • Old friends gather for a barbecue and drinks
  • Secrets will be uncovered.
  • Betrayals will be laid bare
  • Innocent people will die
  • And the lamp posts will come into bloom.

Marie ran The burnt man, a Call of Cthulhu adventure.

It is the 14th of December, 1890.
Answering the call of a recently bereaved widow, a group of investigators travel to the bleak hills of Dartmoor in order to find the killer of lord Bargrove and, hopefully, lay his eternal soul to rest.

Richard ran Valiant Rose, a Victoriana adventure


An upper-class British family is travelling in style in a fancy airship. However, even in these lofty spheres, it seems some people have no respect for proper decorum and tea-time. Again, the Havering Family finds itself on the frontlines, defending civilized life.

Grand-Captain Bavo ran Rogue Trader: Symphony of the Planets


Alex ran Nemesis 382.


This is the tale of an exploratory spacecraft on a historical voyage to travel into a black hole. As the spacecraft draws nearer to the event horizon, things start going wrong, and weird space-time phenomena start cropping up. How will the crew cope, and will they continue on their mission?


Sven ran Batavia. 

On October 29, 1628 the United East-Indian Company merchant ship ‘Batavia’ left the Republic on its way to Batavia, capital of Dutch-India. There are 316 people on board of the ship, for next to sailors and merchants a lot of families booked passage to the colonies to start a new life.