We played Legend of the Elements, the Apocalypse World version of Legend of the Airbender. It’s a cute and silly game of adventure and whimsy, and with many, many sticky bun jokes.

  • Jan is the arrogant Earth Shaper Goro
  • Alex is young Air Shaper Ko
  • I am her farmer / servant Megumi (Ko once saved her farm from a Buffacow stampede). I HATE Goro and all his sexy muscles and his cool hair and his FACE.
  • Umiko is Ko’s Water Shaper friend who has vowed to help Goro find his true love.

We had a fun time with the basic Festival scenario and our story ran away from there. Rich is usually a smashing GM, but he really knocked it out of the park on this game!

I had a great time with my farmer. Who really wants to be a stuffy airshaper?