Kessel Run V! We started getting the hang of these now, though organising three Kessel Runs in one year was a bit much. We noticed attention and excitement dropping in both ourselves and guests at Kessel Run V. That’s why we took a big break between this one and the next. Apparently I didn’t even bother taking a lot of pictures or notes.

Jan ran Victoriana with Nimrod Jones’ famous group of characters. I think I once again played the middle-class plucky investigator character and she was as fun as ever. Sven had a great time as my hoity-toity husband, insisting on changing clothes whenever we went to do something.



Bart Verdeyen ran Dragon Age, in what I gather was a fairly grimdark version.

Sven ran a prequel one off to our regular campaign of horror-scifi campaign of Obdisian. Their group went on a mission and their decisions and actions were pretty influential on the campaign sessions that followed.

Ken ran TOONS: The looney tunes roleplaying game, which I’m told did have some good drama amidst the silliness. Mostly this group was just incredibly loud :-)

Kris ran Faerie Knight, a tale of chivalry and knightly honor (I think!)

I ran Friendship is Magic, a My Little Pony game! I used Lowell Francis Action Card system to run it. It’s a great system, but rather intensive to prep for one-off game. Fortunately Kristina was hyped enough to help me with the decks and the character sheets and everything looked great!

The game ran well, but sadly I had not specced Twilight Sparkle properly and she became an overpowered monster (which is true to the fiction, but not ideal).