2015-07-18 21.54.14

After putting people through a rather heavy freeform game, I ran them a game of Dread featuring Actual Cannibal Shia Lebeouf – one big, enjoyable injoke game based on that viral video we all love.

The questionnaire included questions like “What disturbing message has Shia Lebeouf left you on Social Media?” and “Why did you study Jiu-jitsu?” and so had people sniggering and gleeful from the get-go. All except poor Linus who hadn’t seen the famous video.

Survival horror is not my genre and neither detailed gore or subtle tension are really my strong suits, but Dread really does all the heavy lifting for you. The simple act of pulling blocks from a Jenga tower for task resolution causes stress that becomes intwined with your simple horror story. It’s pure genius.

Looking forward to playing Dread as a filler again!