I ran Jay Treat’s Damned Love on my house convention for three brave adventurers.

Our Lover was a singer for a local band that was just starting to make it big. Our Witch a dabbling Wiccan whose spells had never really worked. Our demon was a very lawyer-like demon who was all about the deal, possessed other people and who could never lie. Our motif was music and song lyrics.

1 – The Lover is sound checking and hanging out with his girlfriend. When the girlfriend leaves the Witch goes all fangirl over the lover and he lets her down gently.
2 – The Witch does her ritual and the demon comes by in the form of her super. He offers her ten years of love if she comes with him afterwards.
3 – The Demon implants a brain parasite into the Lover. The parasite forces him to be the Witches’ true love, but the Lover’s real self is still in the back of his mind, watching and unable to do anything about it. The lover dumps his girlfriend, who he believes has been sleeping around
4 – The Lover comes to the Witch. The Witch is fully aware that he is forced into love but doesn’t mind. She constantly rubs his face into it. “My place is messy, but you’ll really like it. I mean… you have to, don’t you?”. A snippet from that scene:

5 –  10 years later. The Demon comes to collect, but not in the way the Witch expects. The Demon finds the Witch so pathetic he has no use for her, so he only takes her soul (her only chance of redemption?) and leaves the rest.
6 – The Lover is finally released from his servitude and goes to find his ex-girlfriend. She has moved on and has a husband and two kids. She points out they could have been his.
7 – The Lover confronts the Witch who is unrepentant and drinking away her emptiness. The Lover kills himself by jumping out of the window, and the Witch toasts his demise.

The game flowed really well but the subject matter was heavy! The lack of consent was clearly put front and center for the Lover, and the Witch’s player felt that this was the most despicable character she ever played.

We did the debrief exercises. We did the compliment round in Compliment Bomb style – with everyone pilling compliments on one person at a time while that person is not allowed to reply. The apologising was a bit weird (though personally I do like to point out the things I did that made me feel particularly terrible), but the empathy round was great. We all agreed this game has the best, most effective and down to earth warm up and debrief exercises.

This game holds up well. I am looking forward to running it more (and trying out more of Jay’s games).