We got to play a Campfire game with Bart, Marie and Tim  in the back of Marie’s huge bewildered garden.

2015-06-26 20.36.05

America, 2015, Spring Break. We’re all studying at Calorado U and won a competition for a Camping Trip to Colorado lake. We arrive in a minivan and are stuck in nature for a weekend. We awkwardly hang out and play truth or dare, go swimming and try to have a good time. Great touches were Marie’s weed cookies that got everyone nice and worked up, and Jan’s attempts at subtly finding out if Tim’s character was also gay.

But then we start to notice a shape stalking us, and our ranger turns up half-dead, eaten by some kind of beast. The beast stalks us more and more and Jan’s Jock remembers that The Hound of Tindalos hunts “unclean people” on Indian grounds. Wtf unclean!

We try to figure out what is happening and how we can avoid this, but we don’t get very far. If anyone has a dark secret, they’re not fessing up! I figure I should start and confess my dark secret: I killed the coach of the football team in self-defense when he tried to rape me. The group bands together and convinces me to seek counselling if we make it out of here. This seems to ward off the hound and when dawn comes, get we haul ass out of there!

The game ran well! I metagamed rather wrong, figuring I would start the confessions with my own, and then it turned out I was the only one to have a dark secret! Still, the timing and the flow of the game worked well and it all came together nicely.