Mike explained that he’s always been fascinated by the pure randomized built-on-the fly dungeons like they used to have in the old days, but he would hate to bore a group by making them look at him rolling dice for hours. So he pre-generated a random dungeon and some characters in Savage Worlds for a quick random experience.

He also put in a few puzzled like a rot13 puzzle which made me go “Can I take this to the bathroom with me?” (their bathroom is filled with puzzlebooks, I found a lot of rotation puzzles in there) and a cool real-life slidey puzzle, the kind that is bread and butter in so many computer games. Fun!

By this time we were already perfectly attuned to our light banter gaming so we had a lot of fun. Ville played a snooty wizard called Mr. Magnificent. He was pretty lucky with his dice rolls so we couldn’t make fun of him too much. I played a curious Halfling that “always wanted to solve every mystery” so that left Mike trying to explain things like the skeleton of the fisherman in the middle of the dungeon. I kept the fishing rod and tried to fish in every body of water we ran into, which summoned a tentacle monster. Great job, Jules. Jan played a greedy dwarf and Mike’s friend Brian played a clueless dwarf who ended up solving most of the puzzles and going “I have no clue how I just did that!”.

In the end we ran into Eddy the dragon and his big pile of treasure. We promised the dragon to deliver the old man who kept sending people into his cave with promises of treasure, *and* we offered him tasty squid soup (the leftovers of the tentacle monster we’d just chopped into sashimi) and in return get each got a pick out of his dungeon.

I wanted a Ring of Multiple Wishes but Mike wouldn’t let me have one even though it was the END OF THE ADVENTURE. Instead, I got a Ring of Multiple Fishes, which is way better. I will totally use the fishes to fish for more fishes!