We played a quick game of Kobolds Ate My Baby around the campfire with our cellphones for additional lighting help on rolls. We had to find a juicy and succulent baby for King Torg (All Hail King Torg!) to make a sacrificial meal to the Kobold God who had cursed us with a flea infestation.

We went to the village and somehow bypassed ALL the tough and confusing encounters and waltzed in and out with baby in tow. We found chickens to stuff in the Chicken Bag of Holding and I wrassled a rooster, we met a nice old lady who wanted me to come into her house so she could show me her soup. It was nice, but it definitely needed more meat.

Then we went to the well and talked to a frog who told us where the baby lived and then we met a horned demon and then we snuck in and got a baby! Hmmm baby. We took baby back but then I wanted to keep baby as pet. They say baby will grow into stinky human but I will not feed baby and it will baby forever. But then we ate the baby anyway and king Torg (ALL HAIL KING TORG!) was pleased.

This is a great campfire game :-)