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We played a game of HEX – I’ve been looking forward to play this for a long time! I played a Mad Scientist, Jan a Sexy Treasure hunter and Jonna a big game hunter. I had invited the other two for the maiden voyage of the MOLE.


That was all the setting information we had before Mike was all “So the MOLE, what’s it like?” and looked at me to make shit up. SO I MADE UP A LOT OF SHIT.

Including literal shit, because the MOLE was still a bit stinky from the monkey test runs but I’d tried to cover up the smell with lavender scent bags and distract people with pickle canapés (hey, I’m a scientist, not a caterer!). I also had a flag so I could claim anything we found for New Jersey. I told Mike the final act would definitely need monkeys now (‘Chekov’s Monkeys’) and he flipped to the last page of the scenario and wrote MONKEYS on it in large friendly letters.

Then we arrived in Hollow Earth and the MOLE broke down instantly and I had to go look for spark plugs *again*. First we ran into some lizardman and another scientist (“Hack! You with you had my citation index! Hiss!”). The lizardmen beat the drums and did a little dance around Jonna’s character that got increasingly more frantic. Jan had to mime it for us, and then there was a slight intermezzo to the game as Jonna and me got into a huge laughing fit that kept triggering when we looked at each other. This is why you can’t have girls at your table.

In the end we killed the T-Rex, slung the head on the car, and rode off to the nazi base. The Nazi had found an obelisk of power (nothing weird), and were going to use it to TAKE OVER THE WORLD. Our first plan was to poison them with this mushroom I’d found that Mike said “Could be lethal poison, could be delicious”. But in the end we thought of something much more actiony so we could have a cool chase scene and blow up nazi’s!

The end confrontation on the nazi ship was hard because Jan had already played the adventure, and Jonna was having a phone emergency, so I was left to figure out the final puzzle by myself. Eeek, stress! I managed it in the end, and the monkeys came together perfectly.

I love Mike’s play style. It’s fast, funny and adventurous. That’s a great mode for play! I love it when I ask “Can I do this?” and he says “Yes, because that’s AWESOME”. That’s just the best answer ever. He also does great voices, has no trouble getting off script and is just really funny. But he also does creepy well. This was my speech about Mike. The cat ate my diagrams.