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We played a game of Trail of Cthulhu that took place on Mike’s own farm in 1937! We all played members of a newly founded outdoors-club (remember, enjoying nature and doing outdoorsy stuff for fun is a fairly recent pastime). It was my male professor character with Jan’s female parapsychologist and Jonna’s female nurse.

Right before we started I decided I would play my professor like a single man who desperately wanted to impress his two female club mates. Sadly, in the first minute of the game it was established that the reason my car broke down in at dusk in front of the scary farm house was because I had forgotten to put enough gasoline in. Gah!

I made up an elaborate cover story about why the car broke down and then went to the farm to look for ‘spark plugs’ (and gasoline). The ladies didn’t buy my excuses and followed me. Here we eventually found a farmer who had hanged himself (and a jerry can of petrol). We called the police and thought we were done with it, but were plagued by nightmares from there on out.

We launched an investigation that eventually led us to find out that there were some mysterious and creepy things going on in the farm and its basement and that gypsy’s had stayed on the farm a few years earlier. Apparently, the gypsy’s gave him an amulet that would bless his farm and also incidentally summon an Elder god if you did it wrong. Those tricksy gypsies! So when it started going wron (incidentally around the time of the Depression and the Dust Bowl), the farmer got increasingly desperate until he finally sacrificed his own wife! (good job on creepy descriptions, Mike. Also, happy 25th wedding anniversary!)

We managed to find out what was going on and then went to the gypsies who gave us an elder sign – thanks, gypsies! We did have to sacrifice something to summon an elder god, so we found a cow and I manned up and gutted it. This allowed us to use the elder sign to ban out the Ickiness for the next foreseeable future. Good guys win!