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I’m so behind on my games! Here’s some quick recaps of games that are slipping me by.

Devastation – Tunguska

Kris ran a homebrew game called ‘Devastation – Tunguska’ with a self-made skill check system. It was inspired by the Tunguska event in Siberia. I love games based on real life events!

We were part of a scientific expedition off to investigate the mystery. I played a female engineer who had an aether dependency and was utterly convinced Tesla was behind the entire thing. Of course things went very wrong very fast. We played outside in the cold with candles and vodka to get a semi-LARP feel going. Kris even made one guy open his coat because it got torn apart by wolves. So mean!

Escape from Tentacle City

escape from tentacle cityWe played a short game of Escape from Tentacle City. Gosh what a silly game. You play marginalized groups trying to escape a city that’s under a tentacle attack. Everyone GM’s for a group of their choice while everyone else plays PC’s. After one scene you move on to another group.

Our groups were Street Urchins, Welfare Moms, Insane Asylum Patients, Gamergaters and Soccer Moms. I liked how some groups can surprise you: The Welfare moms kicked ass!

The game moves too fast to get any good drama in, and we made up crossover rules for the groups ourselves to have some extra fun. It’s cute, and people who love Fiasco will probably love this too!

Guards of Ashaban

Lowell ran Guards of Ashaban for us! It’s one of his homebrew games (I think) set in the fantasy city of Ashaban. The city and the game is a wonderful pastiche of police procedural and a fantasy world. And you play guards! We ran around, interrogated a Lich (her necromancy license was SO expired), tracked a rogue thief guild and generally had a great investigation romp. I don’t know why the entire thing makes me so happy, but it does. I’d gladly steal this entire setting and make it my own, my precious.

Lowell ran it in fate, which I still don’t really care for. But it behaved and didn’t get in the way so it was fine. Oh, and the entire game is online!