RPGGeekMeet time! Jonna, Ville and Toni came down to Belgium to go to the meet again. Sweet! We had a really nice weekend (more about that here) that of course culminated in the RPGGeek meet. We met two new geeks this year: Andrew (dolphinandrew) and Bavo (Akatosh) who is a local Leuven boy! We hope to get to play more with him.

Slot I: Monsterhearts!

The store owner’s teenage daughter Roosje ran Monsterhearts for us. After I ran a game of MH for her last year, she bought the book and started running it for her own group. So awesome. This was actually the first time I got to see it as a player! Even stranger, there was a skin on the table that I didn’t know: the Succubus. Woah! Of course I had to pick that one. Not only was it hot as hell, it was also pretty damn twisted, with the darkest dark side that I’ve seen on any of the skins.

2014-09-27 14.45.12

Our GM in her castle!

Set up

Toni played a male nerdy witch, Big Jan a Queen, and Little Jan his Angel from last year. Let’s see… The Queen and the Succubus were rivals. The Queens goal was to get everyone in her gang, while the Succubus wanted the Witch to get the Queen kicked out of school, just like he had done to the previous Queen (by cursing her). The Angel had a story of struggling with temptation that was taking place at the edges. Still with me?

How it went down!

Well, a cute English teacher disappeared so the Succubus and the Witch broke into his house to check it out. When it turns out he wasn’t home, she seduced him to have sex in their teacher’s bed. Meanwhile the Queen was sending out minions to seduce people (with varying degrees of success) and planning her big party.

I had lovely time narrating the succubus’s sad little life. All her fancy clothes were illusionary, and she lived in a sagging trailer with her alcoholic mom. Her incubus dad had stopped calling for her birthdays or paying child support a long time ago. But suddenly he called and wanted to meet after school! They went out for ice cream and he gave her a car. He had a nice father to daughter chat with her to tell her to be more ambitious and put her stakes higher.

Succubus: So… you mean… not sleep with people for better grades and paid nights out?
Dad: Exactly! I mean, do you want to live in a trailer your whole life? Aim high, sweetie!

My dad, encouraging me to ambitiously prostitute myself. Only in Monsterhearts. I love it! How lovely that Roosje went there!

The Succubus only knew that the nerdy Witch went on a date with the Queen once, and after that she disappeared. She really wants to repeat that situation because the Queen is socially overpowering her. The Witch goes along with this plan, but only after date. It includes a trip to the mall where she gives him a teen movie nerdy to hot makeover. And dinner, where the Succubus discovers the Witch is a lot creepier than she thought.

Succubus: So where are your parents?
Witch: Oh, they had to leave.
Succubus: What do you mean? … Wait, did you make them leave? Like Veronica the Prom Queen?
Witch: Well… they lied to me.
Succubus: And… you don’t like that? I mean, parents generally suck but…
Witch: They lied to me straight from the start.
Succubus: Are you… Oh god… were you… adopted?
Witch: How could I trust them after that?

A nice and creepy little scene (that made me make a mental note to make Toni play Murderous Ghosts with me).

2014-09-27 15.27.17

Darius the Witch (looking cool after his remake from nerdy to handsome kid) and Angel Alimon

Then they go to the party together where the Witch instantly makes a move on the queen. The have sex and he gets his sympathetic token (not that he needed it, he had one all along! Bastard!).

When they come back downstairs, the cute English teacher is there, only he’s a demon! It’s up to the guys to deal with his however, because the succubus is seething with jealously towards the Witch and the Queen (even though this thing was her idea!). She goes to the Witch to ask who was better in bed, the Queen or her. And he refuses to answer! Well, this means war. The girls have a huge bitch fight while the guys deal with the demon, but in the end everyone is needed to get the demon out of their English Teacher.

After that, the Witch and the Succubus go home together, while the Angel goes to atone for the sex he had by now and the Queen tries to rescue what is left of her party.

It was a fun game! I felt myself backseat GM a little bit and felt bad about it – I didn’t think I would be the kind of person do so that. But it was okay. Roosje did a great job running it and her NPCs were awesome. You can tell she’s savvy of the genre. Great ditzy teenagers, bad guys and other genre types!

Slot II: Monsters and other Childish Things

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In the second slot we played Monsters and other Childish Things with Wouter and a full table of kids. We’d never played it before and were pretty excited about it. Somehow Wouter always ends up running a kids game for us!

I was surprised how twisted this game was. My tough kid had a babydoll monster that would explode into serrated blades. His bio was something like “You used to live with your mom and her abusive new boyfriend. Then you found your monster. Now you live with your mom who is staying at home to take care of her boyfriend who is on life support”. Woah! All the other characters were similarly dark, making this a kids game that’s definitely not for kids!

Our kids came back to school from summer vacation to find out that everyone except us had been replaced by other people – all our contacts were gone! As it turned out much later (and if remember it correctly, I have no clue where my notes on this game are), aliens had settled into our town of Jacksonville and were doing some really weird stuff! We were going to solve all of this with a box of plutonium, but in the end one of the more outlandish monsters just shifted the school building to a different reality, causing everyone in it to fall and die. Then she shifted the school back on top of them. WOAH! Good guys win?

We had a lively game with a lot of banter between the kids. Jonna was incredibly happy with her cool trash monster that could spit things up. I had a great time with my tough kid who was very anti-authority and kept giving everyone lip, picking on teachers in class etc. The only teacher he got along with well was the guy who supervised detention, and that immediately turned into a creepy relationship (plus, he was home all adventure due to a very disgusting and unnatural… pregnancy?)

Another great RPGGeek meet!