Alex ran Lacuna for us! We didn’t know a thing about the game, and Alex said that was the perfect amount of knowledge to have going in.

It was kind of weird, since character creation was in game! It’s kind of hard to roleplay a character that you’re making at the same time, of a game you don’t know anything about!

I ended up making a Pittman who was very nervous and mousey, and ended every sentence as a question. Which turned out to make a lot of sense for the setting, because we never did really find out what the hell was going on! Everyone else was trying to be good professionals, so Pitman was great comic relief that reminded everyone of the stapler guy from Office Space.

The system was pretty neat, I got the hang of it near the end of the setting. It was pretty fun, but I’d prefer to play it in a campaign so you can find out more stuff and get to a rounded off story. This was a nice teaser, though!