Played the second part of my second Lady Blackbird run! We started In Media Res again.

LADY Blackbird, her bodyguard, and the crew of The Owl have come to Haven to refuel and continue their journey to bring Lady Blackbird to the dread pirate Uriah Flint.

BUT this journey will lead them through the Remnants, a swirling maelstrom of spinning world-shards. The Remnants are almost impossible to navigate, even for the best airship pilots. It’s said that the pirate king, Uriah Flint, keeps his secret fortress somewhere deep within the Remnants and only those who know the Secret of the True Course can ever reach it. LORD Blackbird has been coming down hard on pirates. Every pirate in Haven is being marched to the gallows right now – a bounty on each of their heads. Lord Blackbird himself will be there to oversee the executions with his retinue on hand.

WILL the crew thwart these atrocities and save at least one pirate that will show them the Secret of the True Course? Will Naomi rescue her daughter Jayne from Lord Blackbird’s captivity? Will Snargle complete his Sky Pirate Cards ™ collection ? 

It took some time, but Cyrus Vance was a good planner!

Lady Blackbird: So let’s get going!
Cyrus Vance
: We’re discussing a plan!
Lady Blackbird: You were monologing a plan!

Snargle pretended to be Uriah Flint to cause a distraction, LB and Kale freed Seraphina Sparrow (daughter of), and Cyrus Vance ran in to grab Jayne and teleporting while Naomi distracted the guards by beating them up. Good plan!

There was lots of drama on the way to the Remnants. Drama and hooch. Seraphina made fun of LB and Cyrus. It was revealed that Jack Sparrow is Jayne’s father! The group played Never have I ever, and many embarrassing stories were told. Lady Blackbird got very, very drunk. Cyrus took her to her quarters (and was a gentleman about it)

Lady Blackbird: “Everyone got their ear stuck in the hypocog, I also want to get my ear stuck!

After they navigate the Remnants, they arrive at the pirate keep. Kale and Cyrus place explosives. Uriah is a good suitor for LB but is out for Lord Blackbird and is a total dick to Cyrus. When Uriah stole Cyrus’ ship he also stole the girlfriend (Margarey) that was on board. She visits Cyrus but he cruelly rejects her and she leaves crying. They plan to steal their old ship (‘The Excelsior’) back, but Naomi informs Margarey about it. Snargle wants to talk to LB, but she is too busy doin’ it with Uriah Flint.

Snargle: (knocking) I need to talk to Lady Blackbird
LB’s player: Lady Blackbird has her mouth full!

The group actually say goodbye to the ladies (who are happy to stay here). It’s only in the hangar that they see Seraphina Sparrow take off in their ship and they gear up to go after her. Which is where we cut to black!


A lot of fun was had with the Collectable Pirate Cards that Snargle was collecting. Getting an autographed copy of the Uriah Flint card and getting his own card were big goals for Snargle. I quickly sketched out some card layout and let the players make drawings for them. They turned out really well!

2014-08-29 23.54.35And they frequently got mentioned in the game.

Once again, I could have put a stronger finish on the game. People were expecting a twist that I didn’t really get to put in there. I had planned a dinner so Uriah and Cyrus could do some verbal sparring and Snargle could get his card in. This group being quite strong in improvised roleplay, I didn’t want to deny them their opportunities.

Uriah had plenty of time to backstab them later (probably by stealing the owl and trying to kill them) but he never got around to it (what with having sex with Lady Blackbird and all) and so Seraphina beat him to stealing the ship. Which made for a softer ending. It worked okay, but going out on a bang is still more fun, I think!

Anyhow, fun was had and Lady Blackbird continues to inspire people. So it’s all good. What a great game!