Sorry to Lady Blackbird all over your clean clothes again, but I can’t help it, I’m running it twice in a row! Two of my friends couldn’t play in my first Lady Blackbird game, so I set up a second game for them. I went over the dice explanation too quickly, but other than that, we had a flying start!


My first group way fairly action oriented, clearly enjoying the daring escape off of the Hand of Sorrow. This group liked the action, but LOVED the roleplay opportunities in the refresh scenes – we spent a LOT of time in them.

A nicely over the top Cyrus and a very young Lady Blackbird are going for a passionate love-hate relationship – Vance even refused to finish the job and wanted to drop her off at the nearest port! Naomi’s hatred of the empire stems from Lord Blackbird kidnapping her daughter Jayne to force her to fight in the slave pits. Kale is an estranged cousin of house Blackbird, and Snargle can mimic everyone’s shape, is a grandfather of many snarglings, and total Uriah Flint fanboy collecting Sky Pirate cards.


Me: So they find out that they are dealing with the dread outlaw Cyrus Vance and dispatch two squads to deal with you.
Cyrus: Do other fantasy races exist? Are there, I don’t know, Trolls?
Me: Yes, good point, they dispatch two squads and an armored troll!

Snargle: I scratch the troll in the balls!
Me: Isn’t it an armored troll?
Entire table: You don’t armor your balls!

Lady Blackbird: Can you get us a ship, Naomi? Do you have any shady contacts?
Naomi: Of course, I swim in the underworld! We will go The Murky Shadows bar.
Cyrus: I am there with my crew, I’m sipping a pandraxian skybeer.

LB: Hello, I would like to hire someone for a job.
Cyrus: A job! That’s exactly the kind of thing we do.

Next time

We play part II next week. It’ll be tough to keep it down to two sessions! Naomi’s daughter Jayne and Lord Blackbird will definitely need to make an appearance, but other than that I need to get this crew to Uriah Flint pronto, and sit back and watch the fireworks!