I don’t mean to in any way make fun of novice GMs (we’ve all been there, heck, still are there, and I love that they can get some advice at the ‘Geek) but people need to know about the unintentional gem that is Bobtown.

I was asked to GM a one-shot game as several regular players could not make it for the campaign. I decided on COC and pre-gen’d enough characters for everyone. I came up with everything I needed to run the game, or so I thought.

It started out fine. Everyone got to town and checked into the hotel before wandering in different directions based on their interests. All spot hidden checks at this point failed. Not a big deal, I was looking to build the horror. 

Then it happened! One of the players wanted to know the name of every person they met. The first time I said ‘Bob’. Then, to show that these peoples names weren’t important as it’s a one-shot, the next was Sheriff Bob. At this point a non-regular player began taking notes and asking for descriptions/distinguishing marks. 

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