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Rich offered to introduce us Europeans (Alex & Bodil, Jonna, Jan and me) to Apocalypse World. Thank you again, Rich!

We went for a plant apocalypse, where plants grow wide and high, and often release chemical spores that will bring a man to the edge of reason. Our base of operation is a small skyscraper in former Seattle, and our main threat is a group of slavers nearby that two of the characters escaped from. The tower is very cushy and contrasts magnificently with the slavers and the apocalypse they bring.

I play Lively, a rather vulnerable Brainer who escaped from slavery at the bandit camp. AW is great for rough and tough power fantasies, but I wasn’t too interested in that. I prefer to become cool than be cool, if you know what I mean. It’s always a cool story to tell.

Our setup was perhaps a little AW-like: our game got delayed a month and in that time we couldn’t keep ourselves from world building. This part was already very exciting, especially with Alex being an overactive illustrator and providing some great art. But perhaps we started playing in a world that was already more defined and set in its ways than AW is meant to be. Though perhaps that’s not a bad thing for a short (3-5 sessions) campaign.

Our first session wasn’t enough to be a clear game definer – we didn’t really click into place. But the second session everything started to snap into its proper position and we had lift-off. It was a marvelous thing!

Session three ended on a terrible cliffhanger, and now we have to wait for session 4 and 5 to see us off to the finale and the resulting fallout. I can’t wait!

It’s not only a lot of fun, the original intent was also achieved: AW and we are acquainted now, and we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other. Both me and Jan are itching to run it!