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We played my third game of Kagematsu last night. This game has more replay value than I thought!

It was a nice game that again went fairly differently. Everyone pushed their scenes, sometimes three times in a go. There’s definite advantages: you can take full advantage of the scene you have set up, and you potentially rack up a lot of love fast that can put you ahead of the curve. It’s a bit risky, of course, but this session everyone went for it, and then you sort of have to keep up.

All the pushed scenes made for a very fast game – I think we finished it in 2,5 hours. I was a bit sad no one got at Kagematsu’s secrets. He was the 48th ronin who saw his daimyo get killed by a ninja, but was the only one of his retainers preferring a life of infamy.to committing seppuku, He was very poor and scruffy, kind of a dick but generally congenial. His excuse for staying around in the village was an early game bribe of ‘dinner for a week’. That was about the level of this Kagematsu.


We decided to go for a very poor village, plagued by an Oni that was eating their children. Our three townswomen were

  • Kaori (Wim), the village huntress, mother of Eko
  • Meya (Linus), farmer, big fan of the stories of Warrior Woman Mulan
  • Samiyami (Jan), a carpenter whose favorite things were the bathhouse and ‘my night kimono’

The big careers the woman had *and* the addition of warrior woman Mulan made for a very emancipated game, which was a nice change.

We played desperations correctly this time, resulting in some deliciously awkward failed affection attempts. Excellent! They are a big part to the Kagematsu experience and I love them! One lady tried to seduce Kagematsu on her farm by undressing. Kagematsu gently took the straps on her kimono and tied them back together again. Awkward. Another girl tried to flash Kagematsu her boobs, and when that didn’t work she insulted his honor. Doubly awkward!


After two failed seduction attempts, Samiyami managed to get a roll in the hay with Kagematsu at Meya’s favorite place, and that sealed the deal. Harsh!

I found out we are playing another thing wrong as well: only the woman who sacrifice themselves help in the fight, the others just narrate what the threat is doing! A little less empowered for the women, but it makes sense. Will try that next time.