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My friend Yohann had bought Monsterhearts and didn’t quite know where to start with his first AW-type game. Sören had volunteered me to run an introduction session. Jonna and Rishi joined. It was a lot of fun!


My favorite scenes:

  • The Werewolf and the Ghost having a very awkward romance, resulting in sex on the Infernal’s pool table. I ask ‘what kind of sex is it?’. Werewolf: Rough! Ghost: That’s fine with me! Well, alright :)
  • The Witch taking advantages of an unexpected hex side effect to have sex with their childhood bully and then throw his pants down the cliff. Poor guy! Their final conciliatory scene was very cute.
  • The Werewolf staging an intervention for the Infernal with an impassioned speech. The Infernal selling himself to an even Darker Power to protect his friends (friends, yay!).

Session report by Jonna here.

Running a Monsterhearts one-off is super easy. The character setup, NPC creation and the seating chart already gives the players a ton of things to do. All you need to do is add an opportunity for events to culminate (typically a party) and the story pretty much writes itself.

The only tricky thing is getting all the PC’s interacting. In both games I’ve run so far cliques would form that would leave out one or two people. This was typically solved in the second session, but if there’s isn’t one – that’s a shame. Still, the stories are awesome either way.

A Monsterhearts one-off runs really well as a PVP-game, so I was happy Sören decided to play the Infernal. Of course his Dark Power would demand he bring them one of the PC’s, preferably the one Yohann’s Werewolf would want to protect: Jonna’s Ghost. That left only Rishi’s Witch out of the loop. I thought that would be fixed at the party, they could all join to defeat the Dark Power. But by that time the Witch was doing such cool stuff that it wasn’t really neccessary any more.

People enjoyed the session and are doggedly clamoring for a second session today (Tough luck! A second session after a one-off would lose all of it’s punch). I was also pleased to find out that running more Monsterhearts one-offs is easy, and stays fun!