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Our Gates of Anubis game has been very enjoyable the past few sessions. It’s classical roleplay based on Kult and Cthulhu in a very narrative form. All of that is guesswork on my part, because finding out what system we’re using and how it works is very much part of the game.

Last session was all about our ward, who is fated to become the Antichrist. In the future we witnessed, he did this by unleashing WWIII as President Coens of the USA. So we made sure his birth certificate lists him as Belgian citizen – problem solved!


Except now he’s going to college, studying physics and specialising in Cold Fusion. He turns out to be so smart, he’s basically invention Cold Fusion on his own. It sounds like a very safe and benevolent technology, but his lab is being funded by evil demons (I bet his new physics GF’s is an evil demon too!).

This led to a lot of funny and confrontational situations. We were very much thrown into the role of overbearing parents that are desperately trying to steer their son into the direction we want him to go. (“Physics? Why can’t you study something nice, like painting!”). Our ward (Tim) was equal parts indulgent, emberassed and frustrated with our behavior. I thought it was a sweet session about parenthood, impressive from a GM with no kids.