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So, after Virtuacon (october 2013) we spend a few nights hanging out online just shooting the shit and met Rich Rogers, who offered to run an introduction to AW for us. A few months after that, we took him up on it and started planning a mini-campaign. Due to some unforseen life circumstances, that mini-campaign has been delayed a fair bit, giving us the time to do an impressive amount of character and world building. We currently have one month left until playtime, and we are building characters, our settlement, relationships and what have you. Although we’re itching to play, it’s been really fun to do all of that worldbuilding and character setup together.

A lot of this enthousiasm comes from Rich’s series of Apocalypse World on Hangouts. I put one episode on while doing language-less stuff at work, and later linked it to Jan, who put on all the episodes while doing language-less stuff at his work, and now this is a shared world for us. We will talk at dinner about ‘That thing that Kal did’, who our favorite character is, etc.

It’s kind of freaky to go all fanboy over a series of actual plays, but why the hell not, right? Both the sound and the roleplay quality are very good, and it’s really fun to peek into a different roleplay group’ styles.

We seriously can’t wait to play this game!