imageWe just got started on our Ravnica campaign, set in the Magic The Gathering world of the same name where ten guilds of magic users strive and scheme for dominance. Safety and harmony are more or less guaranteed by the magical Guild Pact – which has just been broken!

We made characters by doing the What Guild Are You? quiz on the Wizards website. We have a Raknos burlesque dancer, an Izzit goblin engineer, and a Selesnyan scholary type (me!).

It’s pretty neat. The setting is so detailed and rich.. It’s a perfect setting to stage a campaign in. It’s grimdark, but cartoony, there’s colorful guilds to be a part of and differentiate your character with, there’s an overarching storyline and there’s plenty of weirdness to explore.

The guilds are at each other’s throats all the time, so we made sure to make characters that know each other fairly well, and aren’t the biggest guild fanatics. During creation we also established links with NPC’s we care about inside and outside of the guilds.

We’re using the regular trait+skill WoD system for skill checks, but we’re using a more freeform system for magic. Each color is associated with a few keywords (White might be associated with protection, light, and order). If you want to do a spell you describe what you want to do and how it fits in your color sceme. Then the GM assigns a difficulty. And that’s about it.

There will also be guild magic which will be a little more set and ritualised, and strongly tied to the guilds’ goals. Raknos might have a spell that lets them incite the passions of a throng of people.

We’ll have to see how well the light magic system holds up, but we generally play rules-light, so it should be fine. Exciting!