We started our LARP convention off with Sheherazade, a middle-eastern freeform taking place in the palace of the Pasha.

I was playing a fighting woman and had assembled a pretty nifty middle-eastern fighting outfit. But when I was at the con and reread my character sheet properly, I found out I was actually a viking! We were emissaries from the Northern lands. Whoops!

As vikings, we were mostly there to take everything that wasn’t bolting down. We had good fun exploring the palace, ignoring all the intrigue and clues there, and taking all the shinies! Of course, stealing only got us so far. I had a few business ventures going on that I took care off.

In the meantime, a storytelling competition was going on, and people’s stories became a way to subtly (or not so subtly) expose secrets and get back at people. They kept getting more intense and confrontational. Fun!

I had a good time discussing worship with a handsome warrior priest, who sadly had eyes only for the daughter of the Pasha. So I challenged him to a fight and we had fun working out a good duelling system.

By then it was bit too late to catch up with the intrigue plots, so I amused myself by challenging all the other fighters to find men worth of my time. Unfortunately, I was a rather disappointing warrior and got my ass handed to me by everyone but the Pasha’s drunk son.

I quite like making up my own goals to go with my character, it usually works quite well and makes you a fair bit more flexible. A fun game and a good warm up for our con!

What was good

The theme – oriental is fun
The storytelling contest – it was a nice add-on to a normal larp, gave good structure, something to do to the inevitable stragglers, and brought some fun secrets out
The stats – Sometimes they give you from independence from GMs. We certainly had fun narrating duels.

What could use improvement

Hmms… I don’t know! I was a bit outside of the main plot (and had fun with it) to get a good view of it… can’t really offer much of use here, I’m afraid!