What happened in blackpool was basically Fiasco: the LARP, with 12 people. This resulted in a typical fiasco web of relationships and a corresponding fall out. I played the bride’s best friend who had had a tragic childhood and had spent a lot of time in her friend’s household. She had a very unhealthy crush on the bride’s father, and had kissed the bride’s mother on the hag night! She was also caught in an emberassing situation with the groom. Quite a lot to go along with, but my twisted daddy-issues didn’t really mesh with the loud gregarious nature of the game. It was over before I got to ask Brian Williams if I could call him daddy ;)

I managed to get some twistedness in there regardless.

What worked well

The collaborative setup was really fun and a good way to get to kknow the other players beforehand

What was a bit weird

I didn’t like that there were secrets in the game that weren’t created together – it seemed more in the spirit of the game to lay everything out on the table and work it in together. They seemed mechanically very useful, though, the end game was all about them, and they added a lot of the spice to the game – Otherwise we might have run out of juice. I guess you can see it as the tilt mechanic in Fiasco?