After these two brilliant games, I still had about three to go! I had to get up early in the morning for Time Travel Review Board. I was chairperson of the board, accepting and denying Time Travel applications – there were a whole lot of people playing different crazy applicants.

What worked really well

It was a fun silly game. There was a time line in the room that kept changing as more crazy projects got approved, and Elvis (who was also on the board) would sometimes change into Evil Hitler or Sensitive Artist Hitler. Jesus had also somehow gotten replaced by Steve, and the church of Steve got quite strong in the end!

I enjoyed seeing a young teen girl enter her first game: she convinced the council to go back in time and make sure D&D was never invented, so young people would spend their time being productive instead!

What worked less well

The only downside to the game was that the Horde characters had to queue and so couldn’t provide as much mayhem as one likes to see, and were a bit bored. I generally always sign up for Horde LARPs, but in future I’ll try to make sure if they are board or mayhem larps before I do.