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In our James Potter (The Next Generation) game, I played Veronica Dexter, a secret muggle! My kid sister was the one who got the letter, and she preferred to stay popular and go to high school, so I (being brilliant) leaned all about magic theory and made a potion that tranferred a bit of her magical power to me.

I’m also 27 so I had to de-age myself to be able to go to Hogwarts, and pretend to be very stupid so no one will think it’s suspicious that I’m so bad at magic. 17 year old me is a crack at Arithmancy (math for wizards) though, and is secretly corresponding with Arithmancy Professor (who is also headmaster of Slyherin) about it. Recently, the correspondence has turned from snarky to kind of sexy snarky. What will happen!

This was a really fun game! How can it not be? We got to run around with cloaks and wants and go Hogwarts stuff! There was a puzzly Questline for each House catered to each house’s specialties (though they could only finish it with help from the other houses). There were monsters, Quidditch try-outs, Arithmancy essay tests, you could do research in the library, go to the yule ball, visit Hogsmeade, the possibilities were endless.

Pursuing my romance with a teacher while keeping my secret (being a 27-year old muggle) proved very hard! Initially we had a nice scene where I came to ask him some questions about the text, and he strated to explain the answer for question one and I blurted out “Of course, that’s assuming Hasselbrod’s first axiom is correct” and he was very curious to see where I got this information from! After that, I received a vase full of flowers helpfully thrown on my head by a house elf.

Me: Who are these from?
House Elf: I’m not supposed to tell you!
Me: Who told you not to tell me?
House Elf: Oh, that was professor Wynters!
(House elves are not very smart)

Encouraged by this, I start working on my Arithmancy essay while helping the Ravenclaw with their house quests. I also attend a party where the punch is spiked with veritaserum – oh noes!

Me: Argh, what is happening – I didn’t even want to be at this stupid teenage party!
Slyherin student: Well, what do you want!
Me: Professor Wynters! *clasps hand over mouth and runs away*

Fortunately I find my friend Victoire (Kristina) who charms my mouth shut long enough for the serum to wear off, but not before I’ve told her all about my secret identity, my real age, my crush on professor Wynters and my geniousness at Arithmancy. Whoops. Good thing she’s a mate!

…though not that much of a mate that she’s not going to use this to set me up with her cousin, Hugo Weasely! She triumphantly explains that now that I’ve blabbed in the park, I’ll have created a big scandal UNLESS I hush it over by going to the Yule Ball with her cousin. I try to explain to her about the Standard Creepiness Rule, but she doesn’t think it’s a problem.

I try to explain to Hugo Weasley that I don’t want to lead him on like an annoying schoolgirl, and that we can go to the ball as friends. Apparently you never get too old to break someone’s heart! Hugo is very sad, but agrees to go to the ball with me anway. (It’s okay, Victoire sets him up with someone else later!)

In the meantime the essays are graded, and I’m summoned to the professor’s office to explain how my essay can be so good. After a bit of dodging, I reveal that I’m his secret correspondent – this freaks him out quite a bit, especially when it’s clear I’m still keen on going through with our blossoming romance – though I’d also like his recommendation for the Arithmancy job at Beauxbatons!

This leads a subplot where he tries to get me on a train to France before the end of the night and otherwise avoids me completely! Victoire convinces me I need to confess to him that I’m a 27-year old muggle, but I need to be able to talk to him first!

I find out he secretly works for the Ministry and try to use that to (in true Slytherin style) try to blackmail him to talk to me again, but even that doesn’t work! I send Victoire to ask why he doesn’t want to talk to me.

Victoire: He said that I should look up a book in the muggle library called er… Nabarok?
Me: What? I’ve never heard of that.
Victoire: I’ll go re-check.

Victoire: Nabokov. He said Nabokov.

(apparently he was also quoting The Police, but I didn’t notice that)

In the meantime, I focus on the Ravenclaw questline and help Jamie Potter and Malfoy jr. (a nice guy!) get deep into the attic to find the Sands of Time. We end up lost in space and time, and I emerge all alone from a cupboard in the basement of the Ministry of Magic with twenty wizards pointing their wands at me. Whoops! I spend my one phonecall calling Professor Wynters.

Professor: Hello, Veronica, or should i say Agatha.
GM: This is when your transfiguration potion wears off – you look 27 again.
Me: You know? (takes a step closer)
Professor: It was easy enough to find out when I looked up your records.
Me: So you know! (takes a step closer)

Here we get into a comically awkward situation as the very nice bloke who plays the professor actually has been a teacher and is following his teacher’s instincts. So there’s a hilarious bit where I try to get closer so we can have our celebratory succesful romance hug and yet he’s still edging away from me.

Anyhow. He pulls a few strings at the ministry and apparates us back to Hogwarts. Here we settle into exchanging tons of witty barbs, which was the heart of our correspondence in the first place. Yay, insult romance is my favorite kind of romance! We are well matched and this easily provides an hour of smart ass fun while the students mop up the last quests.

He proposes, we announce our marriage. We get a big lecture from the headmaster, I get expelled and Slytherin gets minus 20 points towards the house cup! Death Eaters show up, and we defeat them.

The end!

What really, really worked

The notes desk – In order to cut down on wait-time they’d thought up a nice system where you could write your project on a piece of paper, note down who else is helping you (the more, the better), and leave it at the desk. When the time is right, the GM will come find you! A wonderful system that I hope they’ll use in more, nay, in EVERY LARP from now on. It made questing a lot more fun. (Scheherazade used the same system, apparently, but I didn’t use it there).

What could be improved

I…. got nothing, it was really well made. This was the one game where, instead of waiting for a GM, you’d sometimes be waiting for a player, because they’d be off having a fabulous adventure somewhere. Pretty cool!