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The background was very extensive and a little daunting, but the game seemed fun. A lot of different parties were holed up in front of a kind of clockwork temple that they would like to raid. I was a secret necromancer working on achieving my own immortality. I was posing as a medic and there was a big plague going on, so I was covered in blood all the time. There were blood hunters out looking for the necromancer, but they never found me! I did get to listen in on a lot of conversation about how it could be and what awful things they were doing.

I reached my goal of building a machine that sound transfer my soul into other bodies, and decided to transfer my soul into the facility itself! I thought I would probably die (but at least in a funny way), but as it turned out, the facility was already run by a group of very powerful souls that could pour themselves into one of the many automatons and any point, and I was able to join them! So a good end for me.

What was good about the game

I hardly ever play the hidden evil person, and it was more fun than I thought it would be. It’s fun to sneak around and listen in on people trying to find the necromancer. I was also kind of looking forward to getting caught, trying to paw and blackmail my way out of it, and maybe getting arrested or killed. But I was never found out!

What could be improved

Sadly the game suffered from a lack of polish on the sheets, but mostly from GM-bottleneck. A lot of actions required a GM, and they were thinly spread, resulting in big queues. This made the game a lot less intense than it could have been! A shame!