It’s become fashionable to say this, but I only noticed this year how friendly and inclusive some cons are. Both Virtuacon and Consequences were open and accepting to diversity, friendly to newcomers and had a level of maturity in all players.

Not that we didn’t have raunchy fun in places, but it always felt like a safe space. Whether you were dressed in a skimpy outfit, or a man playing as a woman or vice versa, you were not made fun of or hooted.

In Consequences in particular it seems like the entire gender spectrum is not only accepted, but that people are also willing to explore it. We had an impromptu workshop where women roleplayed guys picking up guys roleplaying girls, a lot of games had players who were happy to inform you what gender they were playing, and a fair few games I was in included same-sex romances. It was a really nice thing.

imageAlso new this convention: people made us dinner!

It’s been ages since we had real food at a con! Hope made us a wonderful frittata with refried beans, sausage and other goodies. Then we got in trouble with the Americans for not showing up at their wonderful early Thanksgiving dinner (in a fit of intercultural communication we thought they’d meant “Y’all should come over” in the same gist as “we should have some beers sometime) so we swung by and Chris Amherst served us a second dinner with the best, moistest turkey ever. Very cool! I enjoyed being a guest and having table conversation. Of course, we do some hosting ourselves every year, but that is limited to opening our cabin and drinking cabinet to loud parties – nothing fancy involving actual cutlery. Really awesome!

We had a lot of great parties!We hosted one ourselves on thursday. The first day can be a bit of a toss-up and see people hiding in their own cabins, so it’s definitely a day we wanted to party-fy! Last year there was a slight incident with someone replacing my lemonade pint glasses with whiskey (“Let’s see what happens!”), so this year I made sure to take it a little easy. Our Thursday party broke off at a very decent 3:30 am, with a nice afterparty of six or so people with whom we played a few impromptu LARP exercises on how women as men could pull men as women. Very Blur!

Friday night I wisely skipped the party, after two intense LARPs and three more planned for the next year.

Saturday our neighbour President Steve had a great party. The saturday party is always the biggest – it’s hard to move, talk or even breathe there. The ideal occasion to take up smoking so you can stand outside. Where we were eventually joined by a friendly security guard who had been getting complaints about our party’s volume. Me and Andy kept him talking for quite some time, but eventually he did come back to shut out party down. So we offered to split up the party, and opened our cabin again. It was a bit sad that we had to divide the people, but it was still a lot of fun.

I kept sneaking back between the two parties getting the best of both: massages at our place (“Not just about the sex!”) and some really nice whiskey and exceedingly tipsy conversation at Steve’s place. Every year we somehow end up ruthlessly making fun of Steve, and yet he still gives us the good stuff. What a man!

That was the con for us! We’re already booked up for next year, and we’re also looking into going to Knutpunkt if we can get it work moneywise…

I can’t wait to go back!