Sumerian priestess of Inanna, drawn by Stefano Marinetti

I’m really getting addicted to commissioning artwork from young artists. Sure, DeviantArt is mostly populated by animefreaks and furries, but in between the otaku you can find the cream of the crop of future art heroes, trying to work their way through the first years of art school.

There’s something truly exhilarating about seeing your description take shape on the page, pouring over the details. The most I’ve paid for a portrait is 22 euro’s and they’ve been amazing at every price range so far, right down to the 5 euro sketch.

Even though there’s not a lot of roleplayers on DeviantArt, everyone has an OC, an original character they build prose and artwork around. Commissioning portraits for your OC is very common, so everyone is experienced at banging out a good portrait. I’m really looking forward to seeing these on the wall of our new house – all the old character we loved roleplaying.