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In L5R we get to list “scenes that you think would be cool” along with our character info. So if you would like a scene the GM wouldn’t normally run (Hot Springs Episode!) you can put it up.

It’s also a good way to point out that, even though your character is working her ass off towards her deepest desire, you the player would find it incredibly amusing if she would fail utterly , or that “It would be great if my duelist lost an arm”. Most of our players prefer to simply be surprised by whatever the GM comes up with, but I generally enjoy some extra hardship in my stories (and pluizebol some extra drama and angst).

So this session (and in the mailplay leading up to it), my character infiltrated a cultist smithy, got horribly caught in the midst of snooping, had to be rescued from a basement filled with dirty & enslaved heimin by the rest of the group and, worst of all, the most reputable cultist stole her kaiu blade and is now parading around with it at court in frilly Kakita bindings!

The shame of losing your Kaiu blade is enough to justify seppuku, but I think my character will find her honor sufficiently redeemed if she razes the entire cultist organisation in Ryoko Owari Toshi to the ground.