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Our new Legend of the Five Rings campaign starts out Hogwarts style!

We are all tiny children at a daringly revolutionary inter-clan school that was started in the last campaign. So far, we spent most our time playing games, getting punished with after-school work and warring with the Bayushi bullies in our school. It was very cute and utterly hilarious. Of course, the teachers are already hard at work to groom us into stiff bushido samurai and they’ll kind of succeed. As long as no one messes with our kite or our kemari ball!

In the last year of L5R Hogwarts, boys had to ask girls to join in the Chrysanthemum procession. Much chaos, intrigue, teenage flirting and sabotage ensued, not just because of teenage hormones, but also because a Bayushi classmate had the Matsu into thinking she was going with the Hida but he was going with the Damselfly girl OMG. Duels were cunningly avoided and brave samurai had to take one for the team, but in the end everyone ended up happy.

Then we got a fairly suspicious assignment that turned out to be our gempukku trial! It was supposed to be harmless but of course we ran into some Maho (= black magic) shenanigans along the way. My character developed some severe authority issues and almost failed her gempukku through general disobedience but got saved by the rest of the group. Awesome!