Our 2,5 year long Legend of the Five Rings campaign came to an end this week. The epic finale was the week before, but this past week we each played through our character’s epilogue separately with the GM. A whopping 15 years of epilogue!

He hadn’t really mentioned it was the epilogue, only that we were “playing through the break” which he had hinted was about nine months so female characters could get their pregnancies out of the way. Then during the session he kept going “So, two years later..”, and 15 years in it was clear that “the break” was the rest of our character’s lives!

Dying in bed surrounded by fat grandchildren wouldn’t really suit my plucky Kitsuki magistrate, so I was happy she got a proper death: assassinated on the road by a silk operative. It was also the first time one of my characters had quite so many children, I think she ended with four kids. This, of course, for a purpose beyond Rokugani tradition: we will start the 2nd Campaign playing our progeny!


After the epilogues (in a kind of “bizarro world’ move) we all got gifts from our GM! I got The Way of Shadow, my favorite supplement, it includes the diary of Kitsuki Kaagi! We actually received the diary in-game (a few strategic pages were omitted) and it played a nice part in the story (and also launched my character into huge bouts of Kaagi fandom).